Saturday, July 14, 2007

Can I Have a Three Way?

That subject title is something that I asked my wife one day. Her response will come later but what I’m referring to here is that I’m posting to all three of my blogs today.

The title of the painting above is “Out On a Limb.” It is 12X15” and it is an oil painting. I’d planned to do a step-by-step for this but I can’t find the other shots of the painting in progress. That’s the way things have been going lately. Each day some new time-consuming costly surprise arrives. Combine those with problems I’ve been putting off, say like a visit to my dentist and some car repairs, and it’s been a troublesome few weeks.

The finished painting at top was started as a demo for the Society of Creative Arts of Newtown (SCAN). Below the painting is the drawing I loosely based the painting on. I wasn’t able to complete it there so I took it back to the studio. Below the drawing is the one step in the process I could find.

And below this is a close-up. I scanned it just to test out my new scanner. It’s a little off in color but not too bad. I usually don’t like how paintings scan. Digital photos are better because you can control the light.

Here are the other two blog links:

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Oh, and how did my wife respond when I asked her for a three-way? She handed me a light bulb of course. What did you expect, something out of Penthouse Forum? That story’s real fly-on-the-wall/slice-of-life from “Tales of the Kidd House.” You can file that under ‘the most boring of non-fiction.’

PS: Earlier today I made some small changes to the paining. I can never leave things alone.