Sunday, November 11, 2007


Something very cool happened to me. This past weekend (Nov. 8-11) was The World Fantasy Convention. I attended it as an exhibitor.

The first fantastic thing to happen was that I met Moebius, that is the pseudonym for Jean Giraud the great French artist, concept designer and comic genius. We talked briefly but I didn't want to monopolize his time because everyone wanted to meet and talk to him. This was, after all, during the artists' reception at the art exhibit.

The next thing to happen was unbelievable and highly improbable. Mr. Giraud bought a painting of mine. He told me himself and I was dumbstruck. Truly speechless.

The painting above is now in Jean Giraud's house in Paris. I've posted it before but I thought I'd put up a newer larger scan of it.

I did the drawing above last Friday for fun and it came out looking a little like a female Arzach, one of Moebius' male characters, so I took it more in that direction. Clearly I was still thinking about that meeting. She's not wearing Arzach's archetypal hat. It's been replaced by hair of similar proportions, kind of Marge Simpson-esque. The last thing I added to this was Arzach's own winged transport to make the homage clear.

I wonder how much of a sycophant I'd be if I packed that picture up and sent it off to the artist that subconsciously then consciously inspired it?

Oh, and here is proof that I met him, a picture of me, Omar Rayyan, an artist friend you should see the work of, and Jean Giraud (Moebius) himself (below).

Picture by Sheila Rayyan (Also a spectacular artist. You can see her work on the Rayyan link as well).

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sorry For the Absence

This blog has had some technical difficulties. It's been up, then down, then up . . . well you get the picture -- actually you haven't been getting pictures. Here's a new one. It's a book cover. The title is "Duainfey" and the book is by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

I'll have something interesting to say tomorrow, interesting to me at least.