Thursday, September 13, 2007


I was working on a slideshow today and I decided that part of it might make for a nice blog entry. The above is from the original cover idea for what would become “Kiddography: The Art and Life of Tom Kidd.” It appeared in my bog before but without the cover flaps or back cover. This idea was, as the title indicates, firmly rejected. Even after the approach of the book was decided on I still had a second cover idea rejected and, if you’ve never seen it, here is a link to what the book actually looks like: KIDDOGRAPHY

I had two publishers interested in the book. One said the idea looked like an art book and they didn’t do art books; the other said it looked like an illustrated novel and they didn’t do illustrated novels. The book was to be a highly science fictionalized true story -- honest mendacity, and other contradictions. If you click on the pictures they should pop up big enough be able to read the text. For my own entertainment I'll finish "The Kidd Id" one day. Expect some more pages from this ill-fated book. Below is the back cover design:

After I show the two previous slides, this is the slide that follows (below):

If you've read this far down, please link over (at right) to Gnemo's Sketchbook and to my Photo blog for new stuff. Oh, and sorry to my blog friends for not being very friendly lately. I'm just about finished being overwhelmed and I'm now entering normalcy. It's been a tough summer.