Monday, September 18, 2006

Nice People

Most people are very nice to me. This may be because I abhor mean people so I don’t spend much time with them. In a somewhat self-centered way my brain on its own has put the people I know into either the good or bad column. The kindest people are those that care about me and express it by listening to my woes without complaint. Also included are those people who have helped me in some way, small or large, without me asking them to. Finally, the list includes people I see doing nice things for other people I know and like. All of this makes me indebted to a large number of people. I’ll never be able to return all the many kindnesses. Maybe I should try to cultivate lesser quality friends.

So when my book Kiddography came out I bought a substantial number of them with the intention of giving a lot of them away. This would be a small way to say thank you to some people. In each copy I gave away I did a unique drawing. Months later I’m still drawing in them. I also did drawings in a number of the books and sold them at a premium price. A few friends picked up the book and sent me their copies to sign but I’m doing a drawing for them too. As tiring at times as it has been, I’ve actually come up with a few ideas I like and am likely to turn into paintings or watercolors. The group I’m putting up today have been crammed together two to three on the page and the theme is fairy painters. All these were scanned from photocopies so they’re not the best quality.


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