Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Life Price

These last few days have been frustrating. I’ve been trying to resolve some technical problems and too much of my time has been eaten up. Why does improvement have to take a piece of your life? I didn’t expect a life price.

Thinking that all my problems were behind me I happily began painting at about four today. My job is easier and much more satisfying than every day life. I think that I’m bad at life. Sadly no one will run mine for me. I’m forced to do it myself. Here’s what’s irritating me -- I now feel a cold coming on and just when I was getting to the fun stuff. Thanks for sapping my energy Mr. Virus.

Here’s my lazy post for today. It’s a few drawings I did on two different vacations a few years ago. One was done in London at St. Paul’s Cathedral of the famous painter/sculptor, Lord Leighton’s monument, and the rest were done on a trip to Canada at a resort. All of these are ballpoint pen sketches. I like the amount of contrast you can get with this medium. It’s slow going when you try to capture values though. Sometimes it’s good to augment it with some watercolor for subtle tones. I’m a purist at heart so I don’t usually do that.


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