Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Museum Show

An exhibit of my work is coming up this weekend in Homer, NY at the Center for the Arts there in its Borg-Warner Morse TEC Art Gallery. Thirty-nine paintings will be on exhibit. The opening is on Friday Oct. 27th from 7pm to 9pm. I’ll be there. The paintings are split into four categories: book covers, illustrations for The War of the Worlds, illustrations for The Three Musketeers and illustrations for Gnemo. I wrote the explanations for each category. The title above is a link to the museum’s calendar of events, scroll down when you get there. You'll find directions are on the site as well.

Below is something a little different for me. I struggled with it quite a bit to get it to have the correct feel. Actually, it was a mess and I don’t understand exactly why I get lost sometimes on something that should be fairly simple to do. My excuse is that I hadn't done anything like this for a while. Here’s how it went down in pictures:

Above: Bad and I know it.

Above: It gets worse.

Above: Progress. It took a few extra drawings to discover my problem areas.

Better and there's no reason that can't continue.


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I wish I lived in NY!

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