Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gnemo’s Sketchbook

I can draw or paint anything that’s in my head. If it’s not that clear I’ll eventually work it out. Getting a particular tool, especially if that tool is a computer program, to make what’s in my head can be very difficult for me. I’m starting something today that’s not quite what I had in mind -- literally not quite the picture within my brain. This new web log is called ‘Gnemo’s Sketchbook.’ See link above.

My hope is that I’ll solve some technical problems as I go and determine an approach that I like best. Expect this to evolve. The art on this new blog is presumably all scanned from Gnemo’s sketchbooks. I want it to look like it has been carried around for many years. My other hope in doing this is that I’ll get some feedback on design and technical issues.

Presenting this story in this form is a way that I can develop it further in a manner that forces me to do regular updates. I have a problem with being regular, that is being consistent. All the work that will go up on this blog will be monochromatic but if it is ever printed it’ll be mostly in color in the form of watercolors. This will be just one form that I’ll present Gnemo in. There is also a version with full-scale oil paintings. I think that Gnemo is a sufficiently large story with enough depth to handle all these different forms.


Blogger Jankenstein said...

I can't wait for the day when a publisher will release Gnemo in a nice oversized hardcover format.

4:47 AM  
Blogger muzzy said...

Amazing work. I bought your book to keep in my studio for inspiration. If you have a chance check out my website

12:02 PM  
Blogger CapoCosmico said...

TOm! que tengas un buen año este 2009! muchas felicidades y un abrazo desde Argentina!
Leonardo Gauna

9:20 AM  

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