Sunday, December 24, 2006

Cards of Christmas Past

I thought I'd post some Christmas cards I've done in the past and one New Year's card. A few of these are in my book Kiddography but they're very small and all in one montage. My blog is a chance to travel back in time with these Christmas ghosts.

The above was actually used as a Christmas tag. It was pulled from a cover I did for a book titled "Unknown."

One year we sent out magnets. People seemed to like those a lot so, of course, we stopped doing it. (Above)

I was lazy the year I did this so I just modified a painting I did for figurine for Danbury Mint. (Above)

I'll have to find the poem we wrote about the tradition of the Christmas bookmark. (Above)

I think that the picture above is my first home printed card. It goes back a ways and this is a scan of a printout. (Above)

A lot of the time I send out multiple cards. This pen & ink was an insert inside another card and it had some bad poetry to go with it. (Above)


Blogger Ryan Wood said...

Terrific work! Great colors on the paintings, thanks for sharin'!

6:51 PM  
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