Monday, December 25, 2006

Dead Santa with His Robot Helpers

One last ghost. I went to Ryan Wood's blog and I saw his very nice Christmas robot so I felt I should put up some Christmas robots of my own. This pen & ink comes from a long, long time ago: college. Everyone will recognize it as a Rockwell pastiche. It's a bit different though, with Santa dead and all. The elves are all dead too and robots took over long ago. This is why they won't let me do children's books.

I did it for a class that assembled artists and authors to make a science fiction magazine. We got credit for doing what we wanted to. I did three of these takeoffs on Rockwell.



Blogger tlc illustration said...

Yes - I note that Santa does not seem to fare well (or at all!) in your Christmas-themed work...

Are your freeze-dried, robotic elves benign at least?

9:46 PM  

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