Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Little thought went into this. It’s like riding a bicycle. There was the naked lady and I painted her. Perfunctory, is the word I would use to describe this painting but still it serves a purpose.

Years of training have made me see naked people as objects -- flesh, muscles and bone objects. Nope, not people at all, but something I can study and understand better. Even when they’re clothed, I undress them and then dissect them with my sharpened eyes. It’s a terrible thing to come under my scrutiny.

It’s good to understand these living machines and other machines like them whether they have skeletons, in or out, or not at all. How can you make up your own creatures unless you have a good understanding of the animal kingdom that includes the human beast?

Sometimes knowing too much can get in the way but, for the most part, I’d rather know something even if I decide to ignore it. Actually, the information that goes in my head always gets jumbled some before it comes out so I’m in little danger of knowing too much.


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