Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Percival the Puny Painting Pachyderm

Anna and Percival are artists, explorers and natural scientists. Above we see Percival painting one of his tiny paintings. Anna, who is also a prolific inventor, ground the pigments for his paints. She also invented brushes, the easel, stretched canvas and the pallet that this hairless dwarf mastodon is using. Percival is known for his fine trunk/eye coordination, which is quite handy (actually, better than a hand) when doing miniature painting.

Below is a roughed out page from the graphic novel when Anna and Percival first meet. You should get a larger, more readable, version if you click on it.



Blogger Scott Altmann said...

I gotta catch my breath here- I missed a post yesterday, than you double post today on this blog & the Gnemo one. I am not complaining though- it is always great to see what you will do next.

It's nice to see Anna again as well. Love the little comic strip - reminds me a bit of some of Jeff Jones comic work, but that could be just based on the fact that you both of naked ladies running around being cheeky.

6:53 PM  

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